Future Events

Ledenexpositie ‘Hoornse Nieuwe’
2nd March – 14th January. Boterhal Hoorn.

Past Events

Ledenexpositie ‘Koud Kunstje’
26th November – 7th January. Boterhal Hoorn.

Affordable Art Fair / Booth A11 Gallery Mokum
1st – 5th November 2023. Kromhouthal, Amsterdam.

Europ Art Fair / Booth 46
14th – 16th June 2023. Gashouder, Amsterdam.

Ledenexpositie ‘Hoop’
1st July – 6th August. Boterhal Hoorn.

Solo Exhibition
2nd June – 3rd September. Galerie in de School, Gorssel.

Art Eindhoven/Painting of the year 2022
3rd – 5th February. Klokgebouw, Eindhoven.

Watercolours at Kunstkantoor Bild
October – December 2022. Kunstkantoor Bild, Hoorn.

Project Rembrandt
February 2022. Winner of the home challenge painting a still life.

ING Discerning Eye 2021
November 2021. Selected by Russell Tovey.