Judith Daams is a Dutch self-taught artist and specialises in painting life-sized birds and other animals. After finishing her masters in history, she joined her partner for a year in England. It was here where she reconnected with her passion for painting and decided to make it her profession. She quickly evolved her own style and participated in the London ING Discerning Eye exhibition 2021. Her work is highly detailed and characterised by the solitude of a subject in a minimalist environment or negative space around it. The artists’ paintings express a certain calmness like a still-life and draw you in to study all the details. The space around the subject gives the viewer the opportunity to zoom out and wonder what the animal is looking at. The reason why Daams chooses to paint animals is because she finds there is a curious interaction between humans and animals. Humans seem to have an urge to look for an emotion or connect a feeling to an animal even though they might not have a strong mimicry or expression.